Decentralized health responsive marketplace
Phy2 TRACE transforms vertically integrated value chains into seamless information exchange phytopharma network.
The first technological solution coupling supply chain challenges with phytopharma market.
Phy2 TRACE enables traceability, reliability, and efficiency of transactions along and across phytophrama value chains.

It is the first technological solution coupling supply chain challenges (data fragmentation, data silos, data protection) with phytopharma market which is booming but is unregulated (low clinical evidence, adulteration, misbranding) with asymmetric information flow, non-traceability of products, and adverse events reporting on issues related to phytopharma products. All of those issues currently compromise customer health and increase the health system cost.

Origin Trail ethereum based infrastructure, used to create global market for two unique technological solutions
Digitalized marketplace for suppliers and buyers.
End user application, tailored for Android/iOS devices.

Phy2 Trace knowledge base linked both applications. Information about products from an objective point of view is collected through PhytOpp, and enriched with users feedbacks to create a complete description that matches the reality.

Meet the Team
Mateja Dermastia, M.Sc
Zorica Marić, M.Sc
We Collaborate Only With The Best
Strategic Partner
Strategic Partner
Dedicated to our mission to build a decentralized health responsive marketplace, Phy2Trace announces that have joined the Trace Alliance network!

The Trace Alliance is a collaboration partnership hub connecting businesses, startups, academics, business leaders and technology vendors with supply chain subject matter experts.

The collaborative effort of the alliance resolves different organizational challenges in supply chains management.

Trace Alliance allows companies to receive early access to developing technologies, facilitating new application deployment centered around the OriginTrail protocol.

We believe that this partnership will strongly support our vision to establish the first technological solution coupling supply chain challenges with phytopharma market.

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