PhytOpp is for business with trust and transparency – an integrated digitalized marketplace for collaboration between producers, suppliers, retailers uses the technology to broker trust in the entire phytopharma value chain.

Transparency Platform

It makes easy for you:

  • to bring trustworthy information to the point of sale,
  • showcase the people, places and processes behind the (your ) products
  • track and trace product to the farm

Trust Platform

Digital passport that is given to your product will

  • authenticate key information, end fake claims and help tackle counterfeits
  • prove what’s great about your brand and products
  • verify your business and supplier profiles for greater supply chain integrity.
  • turn your certifications into data-backed marks

Security Platform

Verified information stored in a blockchain

  • provide unparalleled protection on the world’s most secure data system.
  • confirm your claims with data gathered from across the supply chain

Loyalty Platform

Tools help you create meaningful relationships with customers who value what you make and do

  • bring customers closer to the stories behind your business and your products.
  • connect you with new market segments by driving tech-powered experiences
  • bring a new dimension to in-store engagement by linking physical items with their digital histories
  • embed phy2TRACE data online and create custom experiences in apps, web pages, stores and on pack

Easy to Join Platform

  • Doesn’t ask you to change your existing information system
  • Enables you to quickly find trusted partners
  • Will be added to your brand ecosystem reinforcing your online presence
  • Brings a digital dimension to your product labels.


PhytApp is a personal memory, tracer and advisor for the end-users of phytopharmaceutical products. It is created to give verified information about the producers, origins and ingredients, side effects of the products.

Unique Ph2TRACE ID

Through the ID, you can access a secure digital history, along with verified claims, enriched with content from along the supply chain.

You will find it at the point of sale on the pack.

Discover and browse products you like

Browse and comment products you buy and contribute to the stories of the products.

Very soon, you can use powerful search tool to find products with a particular provenance, ask questions and endorse the products that touch you.

Join in the community with #F2T

Every time you encounter great phytopharma products being made, anywhere in the world, use hashtag #F2T to help great stories creations.